A shelter can be a very stressful environment for pets and should always be considered as a last resort.  Where we aim to support the community we serve by admitting dogs and cats into our facility, we ask that you exhaust all other options prior to contacting us.  To help you we have provided useful links to our partners for rehoming or listing a lost or found pet and more.

We are a limited capacity nonprofit animal shelter, with no affiliations with the ASPCA, City, County or State.


Your actions can make a real difference to a pets life, help us to provide the best outcome for a dog or cat by clicking the below links for rehoming, reuniting, fostering and more.

Your help means YOU become a pets savior and champion, and helps us to help those in desperate need more easily.


Your support is essential


Lost or Found a Pet?

Click the logo to list it and help others be reunited

Once submitted, your information will be reviewed and a decision will be provided within 5 days. 

If your animal(s) is accepted, please understand there may be a wait due to our limited space and the high demand for animals to be cared for in our no-kill shelter.

If your animal(s) is not selected for admission, we will include reasons why and any resources we have that may help.

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Fostering a pet while a forever home is found is the best outcome for a pet.

It provides stability, security, comfort, socialization and is a lot less stressful than a shelter environment.

Please consider becoming a foster and submit an application by clicking the logo.

Admission Request

Please complete the form in as much detail as possible, as it helps us to reach a decision in a more timely manner, please read the Terms and Conditions before submitting.  Submission of this form does not constitute acceptance of your pet.  You can email pictures to (please include your name in the subject)

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