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For 45 Years the SPCA of Polk County has been saving lives.

Growing from strength to strength to become the largest nonprofit NO KILL animal welfare organization in Polk County, Texas.

A true testament to the support and dedication of all those involved, who give freely towards animal welfare causes, such as ours.

Working With the Best Partners

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The Clinic on Home

The Clinic

You need it, we got it!

For many years the SPCA of Polk County wanted to establish affordable spay, neuter and wellness in the community, to help reduce unwanted litters and provide quality care for pets.  Finally the time has come to make the dream a reality.

We'll see you at The Clinic!

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Events happen throughout the year, so don't miss out on stopping by our next one.  

Some events include free community services, so click the link below and see whats coming up.

Our amazing supporters who keep us going

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We survive on your donations.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit NO KILL animal welfare organization, we are dependent on your generosity. 

We do not receive funding from ASPCA (nor are we affiliated) or HSUS, Federal funding, State funding, County funding etc.

Your donations big or small keep us doing what we do best, saving lives!

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