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Find your perfect partner

Rehome & Reunite Pets

Foster, Participate or Sponsor

Give them the life they deserve

Your future family member is waiting for you at the SPCA of Polk County!

The largest nonprofit NO KILL animal welfare organization in Polk County, Texas, that manages over 1,400 dogs and cats, serving adoptions across the United States and Canada.

Your pet gets the full service treatment at the SPCA of Polk County, flea, tick and worming treatments, regular vaccinations, rabies and spay or neuters, as well as microchipping.

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Cat Cuddles

Rehome & Reunite

Be their hero and save a life

Rehoming a pet or helping a stray in need may seem daunting but its easier than you think!

We've compiled a list of great resources for you to try and look at.  Your actions can make a huge impact to a pets life, your community and your local non-profit animal shelters and rescues.  Your help means you are a pets champion and savior.

Due to a high volume of admission requests and limited availability of space, we're asking you to help our community by being part of the solution.  Check out the resources below to help you get started on your rehoming journey.

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By Adopt a Pet.

List a pet for rehoming using this service

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Lost or Found a pet?

Use Petco's Love Lost service to reunite loved ones


As per the Texas Penal Code, Title 9, Chapter 42.092, it is an offence to abandon an animal.

Abandonment of an animal at the SPCA of Polk County will be reported to the authorities and may result in legal action and/or fines.


When you complete the admission request form, you are acknowledging that you have exhausted all other methods of rehoming and that a shelter environment is a last resort.

Due to the high volume of admission requests and limited availability of space, not all requests may be responded to or accepted.

Please email a picture of the animal(s) to or text them to 936-755-3020, please ensure you include your name and the name(s) of the animals(s).

You may list up to five (5) animals per application, please complete an additional application if required

Don't forget to send your pictures

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