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Services & Fees

Servics & Fees

Surgeries by appointment only

Check-In on surgery days are 8AM-9AM

Male Dogs (4 Mos - 7 Yrs)

  • 4-25lbs

  • 26-50lbs

  • 51-80lbs

  • 81-100lbs

  • 101-115lbs

  • Umbilical Hernia

  • Cryptorchid*

  • Dew Claw

  • Deciduous Tooth

Female Dogs (4 Mos - 7 Yrs)

  • 4-25lbs

  • 26-50lbs

  • 51-80lbs

  • 81-100lbs

  • 101-115lbs

  • Umbilical Hernia

  • In Heat (Canine)

  • Pyometra

  • Dew Claw

  • Deciduous Tooth

Male Cats (4 Mos - 7 Yrs)

  • 3-20lbs

Female Cats (4 Mos - 7 Yrs)

  • 3-20lbs

  • In-Heat (Feline)

  • Pyometra







+$30 ea.

+$10 ea.

+$10 ea.









+$10 ea.

+$10 ea.






Proof of Rabies vaccination must be presented prior to surgery.

Pets may be provided a pain-relieving injection and three days of antibiotics included in the cost of surgery.


Click the link to view important information about surgeries

Spay/Neuter Bookings


​Please follow our steps to a successful surgery appointment

  1. Make sure your pet meets our rabies, age and weight requirements

  2. Book your appointment below*

  3. Submit your Surgery Consent & Waiver Form

*Your booking confirmation email will include links to the surgery consent & Waiver form

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Opening Hours

Surgery Drop-Off

Surgery Pick-Up

Fri.  8:00 am – 9:00 am

Fri. 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Wellness (Walk-In Only)

Sat. 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

& Forms

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Notice & Forms


Rabies Vaccination Requirement

All pets requiring spay or neuter must have a valid Rabies Vaccination, proof may be required and can be submitted on the day of surgery.

Pets without a valid Rabies Vaccination will be provided one on the day of surgery at an additional cost.

Consent & Waiver

All pet owners must complete the Spay/Neuter Surgery Consent & Waiver form prior to their pet undergoing surgery.  Surgeries will not be performed without consent and a waiver being completed.

Food & Drink

All pets five (5) months or older should not eat or drink from 8PM, the night prior to the surgery appointment.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

All pets booked for surgery MUST be dropped off between 8AM and 9AM on the day of surgery.

Pick-up of pets are between 5PM and 6PM, any pets not collected will incur a boarding fee, please see "Additional Fees" below.

Age Restrictions/Requirements

Dogs & Cats over 4 months and up to 7 years of age will be eligible surgery, if your pet is outside of this range, we will be unable to perform surgery.

Weight Restrictions/Requirements

Cats must weigh a minimum of 3 lbs (pounds) to be eligible for surgery.

Dogs must weigh a minimum of 4 lbs (pounds) to be eligible for surgery.

Dogs or Cats that are considered overweight/obese or underweight/malnourished may not be eligible for surgery.

Rejected Surgeries

Pets may be rejected for surgery for a number of reasons, including but not limited to, pre-existing or unknown medical issues, age, weight etc.

If your pet is rejected for surgery, you will be notified and issued a partial refund, rejected surgeries incur a $25 administrative fee.

Post Surgery Care

Your pet may be provided with pain relieving medication following surgery, take care to follow instructions provided, if you notice any adverse side effects or other issues with your pet following surgery or medication, please contact your veterinarian at your earliest availability.

Wellness & Medications

Tests/Vaccinations Restrictions/Requirements

Some services may require tests prior to administering vaccines or medications to your petThe Veterinarian on site will advise on these matters.

Prescription Medication

Only a licensed Veterinarian may consult with a pet owner regarding prescription medication(s) and advise on dosage, functions etc.

Additional Fees

Failure to Pick-up

Failure to pick-up your pet on the day of surgery will incur a $30 daily fee, paid in full prior to releasing pet.

Unclaimed Pets

If you fail to collect your pet within 10 days, The Clinic may relinquish care in accordance with state regulations and provide the pet to an animal welfare organization for transport or adoption.

Missed or Rejected Surgery

An administrative Fee of $25 per pet may be applied if you missed your appointment or your pet was rejected for medical reasons, that you failed to declare, knowingly or unknowingly.

Partnership Volume Discount Program


In order to qualify for this program, you must be a registered non-profit with a valid EIN and able to meet the minimum of twenty (20) animals for surgery or wellness per month.

Please submit your Articles of Incorporation and/or Tax Exemption documentation to

Terms & Instructions

  • Approval is required in order to participate

  • A minimum of twenty (20) animals in a one (1) month period will qualify for the discount.

  • A fifteen percent (15%) discount will be applied to all services, excluding medication.

  • Payment must be made in full, prior to surgical services provided and in full upon completion of wellness services provided.

  • Check payments are not accepted at this time.

  • All services and products used/supplied are in-house, we are unable to utilize any products supplied by our partners.

  • Health Certificates cannot be completed on the day of surgery.

  • Aggressive or dangerous animals will not be handled by The Clinic

  • You should label animal(s) clearly with collar bands (dogs) or tape on pet taxis for easy identification.

  • Only one animal per pet taxi/crate.

  • Sick animals will not be eligible for surgery.

PVD Program
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