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Your Care can Save Lives

Support your Community and Give Back

Make a difference today

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Support our Mission

Get involved and make a difference

Your time and experience is valuable to us and we appreciate all you do, whether you're a long time supporter, a regular or a newbie!

There are so many ways to support your community and make a meaningful impact, through volunteering to support our animals, operations and events, to fostering for animals in need of special care and attention, to sponsoring to support our growth, maintaining our success and more.

Support your local nonprofit NO KILL animal welfare organization.

Dog Shelter
Foster / Volunteer

Foster / Volunteer


Foster and support pets in need of a temporary home, find your new roommate here


Volunteering is a great way to give back and support something meaningful, many areas need you

Pets that Need Fosters
Dog Walker at the Park
Community Programs

Community Programs

Your community, your programs

The SPCA of Polk County's Community Programs are aimed to reducing unwanted litters in and around Polk County, rehoming those pets that may not find a home and reuniting pets with their families.

These are your programs, that benefit the community's you live in and have a real impact and positive outcome.

Support the causes that matter the most and give your community a brighter future.

Donate Today


A free quarterly Microchip clinic in your community, sponsored by the SPCA of Polk County


Support transports of dogs & cats to other no kill shelters and rescues in TX and beyond

Dog Owner


Invest in your community's future

As a sponsor, you're entitled to a lot of what we can offer, advertising, membership, wellness services and more...

Please contact us for specifics to suit your sponsorship by emailing

you can also click the links below to make your sponsorship right away or text the name of your sponsorship to 44-321.

All sponsorships are considered donations and are tax deductible

Sponsor a Build or Renovation

Text "BANGBANG" to 44-321

Sponsor a Kennel

Sponsor an Adoption

Text "PETHERO" to 44-321

Sponsor Medical Care

Text "MEDS" to 44-321

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